Forbidden Zone 2 is the upcoming sequel to an outrageous  musical-fantasy I did with my brother Danny Elfman back in 1982. That micro-budgeted film subsequently became a popular cult hit which has a  young—and ever growing—worldwide fan base.

FZ2 shall be bigger, badder and bolder than the original, but with a cast and production value that will access a broader demographic. Along with outrageous humor and laughter, FZ2 will  dazzle its audience with unforgettable musical numbers, including sizzling hot originals by Danny. My lovely daughter-in-law Jenna Elfman will do a comedic aerial ballet choreographed by Shana Carroll (Cirque du Soleil) as well as play a wild “Rockyesque” transvestite school teacher–Danny is writing her a showstopper. So stay tuned!