Teddy Roosevelt said–  Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Richard Elfman says–  Sing sweetly and produce a big mix.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Auro Technologies. What stereo is to mono, 5.1 is to stereo–Auro 3D is to the future of media sound. You hear it. You believe it. It replicates the way our brain percieves real life sound.

But one might ask why does a  “little” film like Forbidden Zone 2
need a state-of-the art 11.1 mix? We’re not a high-flying Spider Man or mega-budgeted Age of Ultron. We’ll, for one, the guy who did music for those two films (Danny Elfman) is also creating music for FZ2, along with classics by Duke Ellington, Bob Wills and others.

The music in FZ2 will be timeless and compete with ANYONE.
Our dance and aerial ballets will be soaring! And you will hear
them in manner that enhances the reality of our fantasy world.
When Jenna Elfman swoops from above in our (Cirque du Soleil inspired) Ballet of the Chicken,  our 3D sound mix will augment
the exhilaration.

Besides hearing Auro 3D in theaters, you can now easily get it on home systems and, lo and behold, it works on standard head sets! That means every device people watch and listen to media. Did we hear Forbidden Zone the wild, sexy video game? As we create our army of zombies, we certainly want to blow their young impressionable minds!  YEEHAAAW!!!

Well, sometimes Richard Elfman does carry a big stick...
Well, sometimes Richard Elfman does carry a big stick…