The Forbidden Zone brand comes with a loyal following eagerly awaiting the sequel. In conjunction with FZ2 we intend to continue to develop the brand and reach a wider demographic in three areas:

FORBIDDEN ZONE VIDEO GAME: We are designing an indie video game utilizing FZ2 characters and set backgrounds. Our wacky family will fight its way to the FZ throne (and each other) as the King and Queen battle for control of Earth. Who gets where first? Who gets way-“laid” by the horny horrible Princess? Dangerous pinhead warriors at every turn. All to the catchy Danny Elfman theme of FZ2. Elements of the game will be shot in conjunction with the production. Although modestly budgeted,  the game will be funny, bawdy, utterly outrageous–and most of all, original.

FORBIDDEN ZONE WEB SERIES: A weekly web series will immediately follow the release of FZ2, utilizing the same characters in the film but played by different actors each month—keeping casting fun and easy. Shooting to occur three contiguous days a month with guest directors. Episodes will be approx 5 minutes and feature a short musical number or hot upcoming band appearance. Much of the webisodes will be shot against green screen, allowing wild and fantastic backgrounds. Fast paced. Fun.  And sexy!

FORBIDDEN ZONE COMIC BOOK: As the original and sequel might be well described as “human cartoons,” this medium is a natural. We have been approached by the industry and are exploring development of a comic book series.